Professional Programs | Motivational Leadership | Morris Morrison 

Keynote: 60-90 Minutes
Workshop or Breakout: 60-120 Minutes


Employee engagement and professional development are key components in inspiring employees to perform at their best. Rather your organization has experienced tremendous recent success, or, if your team needs a message to get them back on track, our highly popular "CAN YOU PLAY? program will challenge your team to continue to grow as professionals.  

Professional speaker Morris Morrison will inspire your organization and take them on a personal growth journey that starts with a simple question: CAN YOU PLAY?... are you playing at your highest level as a professional? Morris will challenge your team to make intentional choices to embrace professional development.  He will inspire your professionals to embrace the attitude that it takes to "get better", and demonstrate the reasons why even during times of rapid growth and success, personal and professional growth is a must have to achieve better business performance.


✔ Why personal and professional development is critical in business.
✔ 3 simple steps that professionals can take to perform better. 
✔ How to develop professional "presence"  that inspires customers.
✔ How to grow your culture by contributing as stakeholders in your organization.  


✔ Renewed motivation for achieving organizational and individual goals.
✔ Higher levels of engagement and commitment to organizational goals.
✔ Employees will welcome & embrace tough business challenges with energy.