Professional Programs | Player Development 

Keynote: 60-90 Minutes
Workshop or Breakout: 60-120 Minutes


Professional athletes are faced with many challenges, including: athletic performance, living their lives under a microscope, and also the pressure of being "a normal everyday citizen". Developing a healthy perspective to deal with these challenges requires pro-athletes to take an intentional approach to manage their careers. Athletes must also put equal attention on how well they prepare for their lives AFTER sports when they trade in their game uniforms for professional business attire. 

Morris Morrison's "CHANGING THE UNIFORM!" prepares pro-athletes to position themselves for success after sports.  This program equips pro-athletes with strategies that will enable them to clarify their goals and commit to steps that will help them execute their plan.  They will learn critical success strategies that will enhance their Professional Brand Identity (PBI), personal confidence, and attract future opportunities for the second half of their lives AFTER SPORTS. 


* Began to CLARIFY areas for life-success after sports

* Develop personal SELF-AWARENESS outside of sports.

* Identify & translate UNIVERSAL athletic/life-skills.

* Develop enhanced COMMUNICATION skills. 

* Develop additional COMPETENCIES and skills.

* Become CONFIDENT to perform in new arenas. 

* Produce CONVICTION to commit to new interests.