Child Welfare Program

CHILD WELFARE 2.0 - An Ecosystem of Care!

Keynote Program: 60-90 Minutes
Workshop/Training: 1/2 Day Program
Target Audience: Youth, Parents, Care Givers and Child Welfare Professionals


At Morrison Global Brands, we strive to deliver programs that are entertaining, educational, and emotionally inspiring.  Those three areas are equally important in our ability to deliver unforgettable program experiences. And when it comes to advancing success strategies in today’s child welfare system, there are also three areas that need to work together: children, parents (or care-givers), and child welfare professionals.  

Morrison Global’s Child Welfare 2.0 Program will provide the high-energy "jumpstart” that children, care-givers and child welfare professionals need to get re-energized.  We will equip program attendees with strategies to help them excel, regardless of their role in today’s child welfare system.  Most importantly, the Child Welfare 2.0 Program will attempt to reconnect the hearts and minds of everyone involved in the child welfare system to create an ecosystem of care.  Our program provides a consistent message that will help everyone stay on the same page, with one simple goal in mind: a better experience for all children and families in the child welfare system.  

It’s going to take a village and everyone must do their part to remain self-motivated.  Morris Morrison’s inspiring story of his journey through the child-welfare system, along with his dynamic delivery style, will produce an experience that will emotionally-move and educationally-equip participants with strategies to excel.  Imagine a culture where administrators, staff members, care-givers and children all strive together to get better, while inspiring others around them.  That’s the vision of our Child Welfare 2.0 Program.  Let’s take the first step towards achieving this vision together, see you soon!

Program Learning Outcomes For CHILDREN: 
✔ Emotionally INSPIRE children towards achievement
✔ Inspire kids towards SELF-CARE & SELF-SUFFICIENCY
✔ Understand the importance of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY
✔ Illustrate the impact that PERSONAL CHOICES have in life
✔ Motivate children to understand that THEIR STORY MATTERS 
✔ Inspire kids to excel regardless of personal CIRCUMSTANCES

Program Learning Outcomes For PARENTS: 
✔ Inspire care-giver/parent INVOLVEMENT strategies
✔ Inspire parents towards higher EDUCATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT
✔ Motivate parents towards consistent ECONOMIC STABILITY
✔ Encourage utilization of FAMILY PLANNING workshops & training
✔ Inspire parents to identify negative GENERATIONAL CYCLES
✔ Provide INSPIRATION for single-parent & relative care-givers

Program Learning Outcomes For PROFESSIONALS: 
✔ Remain inspired to FIGHT FOR RESULTS as child welfare professionals
✔ To strive for OWNERSHIP & ACCOUNTABILITY of their professional results
✔ Use PASSION & SELF-MOTIVATION to inspire professional performance  
✔ Overcome system challenges by REFRAMING CHALLENGES as opportunities
✔ Understand how to consistently achieve & excel with LIMITED RESOURCES 
✔ The importance of RE-INVENTING professional skills and competencies