Program For Education Professionals

EDUCATOR 2.0 | Re-Inventing Today's Education Professional!

Keynote or In Service Program: 60-90 Minutes

Workshop/Training: 1/2 Day Program


At Morrison Global Brands, we strive to equip our clients with the ability to grow as professionals by delivering programs that are entertaining, educational, and emotionally inspiring.  These core areas are equally important in our ability to deliver unforgettable program experiences for modern education professionals.

Morrison Global’s Educator 2.0 Program will provide the high-energy "jumpstart" that educators need to get re-energized towards professional achievement (entertainment).  We will equip program attendees with strategies to continue to grow their competency and skill as professionals (education).  Most importantly, the Educator 2.0 Program will attempt to reconnect their hearts and minds to build the resiliency and determination that today’s educators need to RE-INVENT themselves in a career filled with challenges (emotion).

When today’s modern educators tap into the self-motivation that it takes keep growing as a professional, their renewed spirit and determination will inspire other team members and students.  Imagine a culture where administrators, staff and teachers all strive together, to get better, while their actions inspire the performance of others.  Let’s get ready to take the first step towards developing this vision together! 


✔ What great educators do to influence HIGH PERFORMING school districts.

✔ To strive for OWNERSHIP & ACCOUNTABILITY of their professional results.

✔ The impact that PHYSICAL HEALTH has on professional performance.

✔ How PASSION & SELF-MOTIVATION makes professionals more effective.  

✔ How to overcome challenges by REFRAMING adversity as opportunities. 

Why top educators consistently find a way to do MORE WITH LESS.
The importance of RE-INVENTING professional skills and competencies.


✔ Boost team morale during times of chaos and challenges.  

✔ Increased teamwork among professional colleagues. 

✔ Attract/Retain top talent by investing in engaging programs. 
Better employee attitudes and positive expectations.