The Story Behind An Unforgettable Message!

Many people have already experienced Morris Morrison’s highly inspirational message on stage… now it’s your turn! Get ready to experience the journey of one of America's most in-demand professional speakers that took him from the bright lights of New York City, to a hospital parking lot where a doctor’s words changed Morris Morrison’s life forever after he was orphaned for a second time. Morris Morrison knows that transitions can be tough for many people and organizations. Known for his high energy and his ability to energize audiences, as a transition expert Morris Morrison has become a voice that many people and organizations depend on to inspire their teams to pull together in the same direction!  

Morris Morrison’s story did not begin on stage - it began with the help and blessings of many “heroes” in his life. He was able to attain his Bachelors and Masters Degrees from Fairmont State University and West Virginia University before navigating the ranks of several fortune 500 organizations, including BB&T Bank and Pfizer Pharmaceutical Company. With a background including Human Resources and Sales, Morris Morrison was equipped with an organizational mindset that focused on two important areas: developing people and executing results. As President & CEO of Morrison Global Brands, many organizations such as Microsoft, GE and many others have witnessed Morris Morrison’s energy live on stage and in his latest book, OVERNIGHT SUCCESS: An Inspiring Story About Culture, Results & The American Dream. His unforgettable message sounds like a Hollywood script that you will never forget, as Morris Morrison uncovers the connection between culture, spoiled soccer kids, Netflix, and the #1 topic dominating everyone’s mind today - how to get the results that we want... faster. 

Known for his presence and energy on stage, Morris Morrison is quickly becoming known for celebrating his biggest accomplishments off stage in his role as husband and father to Lisa and Dori. His West Virginia roots are a strong source of pride, pride that fuels a spirit of community that Morris uses to give back through various organizations including: The Morris Morrison Foundation, his current role as chairman of the Lowes YMCA Board of Directors, member of the West Virginia University Alumni Board of Directors, and a Board Member of the National Speakers Association Carolinas Chapter. Morris continues to be inspired by faith, family and the American Dream. Treat yourself with a message that you will never forget - from a dynamic, entertaining professional speaker who will change the way you see your life and your influence, forever.