Excellence In Safety Program!

Keynote: 60-90 Minutes

Workshop/Training: 1 Day Session


At Morrison Global Brands, we strive to develop products that show our commitment to excellence in everything that we do.  Our long-term goal is to deposit an attitude of excellence with each of our clients that we do business with.  But we know that a commitment to excellence is more than just words, it's a MINDSET.  Competing in business today requires an unwavering commitment to developing a mindset and a workplace culture with safety standards that permeate ALL aspects of your business.  Is the investment worth it?  With an average ROI of 4 to 1, studies show that organizational investments in safety programs impact the lives of professionals as well as your organizations bottom line!  

Morrison Global Brands "Excellence In Safety Program"  equips your professionals with a mindset to take personal ownership to improve safety among your people by making it an everyday way of life.  With your organizations systematic commitment to safety, and the inspiration of world-renowned professional speaker Morris Morrison, your team will be impacted with a message that will connect with them emotionally, and INSPIRE their safety performance professionally. The "Excellence In Safety Program" will motivate your professionals to grasp a workplace culture where safety ALWAYS comes first, and each professional is invested in committing to doing it right, the FIRST time!


✔ Their role as stakeholders in developing a WORKPLACE CULTURE that is
    committed to safety.

✔ To strive for OWNERSHIP & ACCOUNTABILITY in achieving an accident and
    injury-free workplace. 

✔ To strive for EXCELLENCE in all aspects of business, everyday in every way!  

✔ How to CONFIDENTLY pursue performance results while keeping safety top of

✔ The importance of PERSONAL HEALTH and physical fitness in achieving
   workplace safety.


✔ Leverage safety program investments as an additional "profit center" for your

✔ Proactively increase your bottom line by decreasing safety incident rates.

✔ Attract and Retain highly skilled workers who desire to work for safe

✔ Save money by lowering workers comp premiums and reducing worker days
   away from work.