Student Athlete Program | Student Athlete Success



Keynote: 45-75 Minutes
Workshop or Breakout: 60-120 Minutes


College athletes are faced with balancing academic & athletic performance, along with the challenges of being a “normal college student". Developing a healthy perspective to deal with the pressures that come along with such demands, requires college athletes to take an intentional approach to managing their lives as a student-athlete so that they will be prepared for life after sports when the crowd stops cheering.      

Morris Morrison's "All COLLEGE ATHLETES GO PRO!” program has a simple message for student-athletes: its all about "positioning yourself for success".  This program equips student-athletes with strategies that will enable them to position themselves for success on campus, off campus, and success in life AFTER SPORTS. 


▶ It all comes down to TRANSLATION. Student-Athletes will develop a
    heightened awareness regarding how well their academic and athletic skills
    on the field/court will translate to what they do in life AFTER SPORTS.   

▶ Student-Athletes will recognize the importance of developing healthy
    relationships with peers and family members who ultimately influence the       decisions that they make as student-athletes.

▶ Student-Athletes will understand the importance of developing increased
    emotional intelligence, which leads to better critical-thinking skills and
    enhanced decision-making abilities.

▶ Athletic IDENTITY issues: Student-Athletes will understand the importance
    of developing a PERSONAL VISION for their lives, independant of their self-
    image as an athlete -- complete with individual goals and a
    stronger commitment to academic success IN COLLEGE, success AFTER
    COLLEGE, and most importantly, success in life their AFTER SPORTS.